Moving tips

To save time, disassemble beds, cots, swing sets, trampolines, etc.

Check that items will fit in to your new home, ie. fridge, washing machine.

If moving into storage placing tea bags or bi-carb soda inside fridge, helps to prevent mould.

Pack a priority box which may include important documents, keys, etc.

Use smaller boxes when packing heavy items like books.

When packing use removalist boxes & clearly label boxes by room & contents.

Take pictures of wiring for electrical equipment, t.v, computer etc. for easy reassembly.  

Any liquids, condiments etc. should have a secure lid (use tape or plastic bag) before being placed upright inside boxes.

Dispose of flammables & empty fuel from lawn mower, etc.

Batteries, light bulbs, fuel, paint, chemicals, gas bottles, flammables etc. cannot travel in truck.

Take your gas bottle to bunnings & they will give you a receipt to collect another gas bottle at your destination. (Long distance move)


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