2 Weeks to go

- Call Benjaman & Sons removals to discuss & book your move.

- Collect moving boxes & start packing books, linen, toys etc.

- Notify Schools, sporting clubs, phone, electricity, gas, department of transport, bank etc. of change of address.

- Redirect mail with Australia post.

1 Week to go

- Arrange help with kids or babysitter for moving day.

- Organise connection of electricity, gas & telephone etc. for your new home.

- Have a garage sale & order skip bin to easily dispose of unwanted items.

- Finalise paperwork with real estate, etc. & collect keys for your new home.

1 Day to go

- Confirm booking & arrival time with Benjaman & Sons removals.

- Check or collect keys for new property.

- Discard & or prepare esky to pack fridge items, tomorrow.

- Take rubbish bins to the curb.

- Dispose of flammables & fuel from lawn mower & other machinery. 

Moving day

- Move personal items ie. clothes, toiletries, wallet, keys into a corner of house & advise removalists.

- Move cars from driveway for removalist truck access. 

- Direct removalists as to items being moved & if anything is not being moved.

- Check all items have been removed.

New Home

- Do a walk through & inspection of your new home.

- Direct removalists were to place your furniture.

- Request removalists to assemble beds & other items.

- Sit back, relax & enjoy your new home.


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